Excuse Me

Excuse Me 3D frame

Andrew MacMillen's Level 3 Rocket


This rocket satisfies several basic design concepts for my Level 3 certification attempt:

  • Most importantly, it is a Level 3 capable airframe & system, meeting Tripoli Level 3 certification requirements.
  • In keeping with my hybrid penchant, the certification motor will be a 72" x 2.6" Ratt M900 hybrid, with a 12.5 second burn.
  • In keeping with my Level 1 certification on a split fin Yank Enterprise Mystic Buzz and my Level 2 certification on a split fin BSD Thor, this rocket features a custom split fin design.
  • In keeping with my previous hybrid rockets, Excuse Me has an oversized 98mm x 68" primary motor mount that can be adapted down to 75mmm or 64mm, allowing a wide range of motor & impulse choices for future flights.

Bonus brownie points for figuring out the double entendre in the name.

Excuse Me 3D

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